Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesdays with Madame Christine

For quite awhile now, Arleigh and I have been visiting our neighbor, Madame Christine, on Tuesdays.

She has Multiple Sclerosis and can’t get around well. Among other things, making lunch isn’t so easy for her.
To save her husband a trip home from work, we join her for lunch. Sometimes we fill a picnic basket full and bring lunch, sometimes her husband leaves an easy, quick meal for us to fix and share. No matter what’s on the menu, Tuesdays are always enjoyable.
Arleigh plays on the floor after lunch. He sings songs, and chatters away. But his favorite thing to do at Madame Christine’s house, is to feed the chicken who wanders over from another neighbor’s yard.
We’re waiting on the day Arleigh asks to sit on her lap and ride up the stairs with her. She wants so badly for him to ask for a ride. Yet he remains timid. For now, we wave “au revoir” each time and slip out the door until the next Tuesday rolls around.

Tuesdays have become such a routine that I asked Madame Christine if we could take a few pictures to share. No doubt memories of our Tuesday visits will eventually fade for Arleigh, but I hope what he’s learning from our interactions will stick…To walk slowly and calmly so Madame Christine can maneuver around him if necessary, to be a little gentleman, hold doors, help when asked, not to talk with a mouth full of food,...and chickens won‘t come to you if you chase them like a maniac.

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