Monday, March 21, 2011

All in the name of progress

We made worlds of progress this weekend. So much progress that I'm not sure why the Pentagon hasn't called us up to ask for our help in solving their problems too. Why we haven't been contacted by the Red Cross to logistically find solutions to instantaneously dissolve tragedy in Japan?- Not sure.  
Can't figure out why scientists haven't been knocking on our door for a cure...cause we're seriously on a roll at solving problems around here!

Firstly, we got Addie back. She was on a class visit to a farm for 3 days and 2 nights. Part of the Belgian school experience, we happen to all appreciate seeing her leave, ....and then getting her back.
I solved the laundry problem of nasty holes in pjs, undies, and socks.
What a relief.

Meanwhile, Addie began work on a gift she's planning to give. This solved the problem of endless material hanging around, as well as her desire to 'connect' with her sewing machine on a more frequent basis. Everyone was smiling this weekend I tell you!
 Stella solved problems of her own. She has decided that she wants to be an astronaut,
(note another problem solved- child found goal for productive job post departure from home)
 so she worked hard on her math homework...
and when she finished that, she moved on to solving the riddle of her birthday.
Hmmm, what to do for Stella's birthday? Have a party of course!
So she made invitations. Done.

Matt solved the camping/tent problem, which has plagued his dreams at night lately.
He was worried the tent might be too big or that he might have trouble figuring out how to set it up. 
(He was an Eagle Scout, but apparently tents can be tricky for even the best of scouts). 
Due to very wet weather, he hasn't been able to put the new tent up at all.
So, looking on, with the cast which is hopefully solving the problem of torn ligaments in my ankle, I admired his boy scout ability to set that tent up in no time.

and whoo-hoo! It's the perfect size for the 4 ring circus, with room to grow. Just what we hoped for!
Entertainment is often a problem for Emory and Arleigh. It's nice to see they can solve their own problems....
 with pole dancing
and potty training lessons.

Ahhh- if every weekend could be so very productive!


The Henry Family said...

That picture of the boys is priceless - I have one of the three kids here waiting to get in the bathtub -those are the moments. Miss you guys!!

mandy said...

"Moments" - yeah! Miss you guys too! Hope all is well at the Henry house!

lizzymomof3 said...

I took a picture of Tucker from behind the first time we had to pull off on the side of a road (on our way to Pymatuning) to have a potty break...