Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Another perk of the previous journey home was our one day visit with cousins Kelsey, Lauren, and Tucker.
Aunt Christy pulled them out of school for a day and came down to grandma's so we could see them.
They are growing up all too quickly, so it was great to have some time with them. Especially nice for me, because usually, the kids are playing together and I don't get as much time with each of them as I'd like.
When Arleigh wasn't torturing cousin Tucker over toys, he soaked up time with cousin Lauren, who kindly read book after book to him. Lauren you're a sweetheart!

And I loved chatting with Kelsey about the house they are building. She showed me video of what has been done so far. We chatted about fun plans to decorate her room, which made me anxious to see it in person. (Next trip. Promise!) They missed school, and the particular day of school they missed was "spring pictures day". So I offered to take a couple of shots just for the sake of taking them, despite the winter weather and chilly background.

And the most fun of all? Freeze Dance!
I couldn't believe when I suggested "freeze dance" that they didn't know what I was talking about.
So we played "freeze dance" several times over. Such fun. Can't wait to boogie down with the cousins again!
Miss you all! Can't wait to see you again soon!

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lizzymomof3 said...

Too sweet! The kids loved spending time with you both! Kelsey made a comment something along the lines (with a big smile) "I think I got to spend the most time with Aunt Mandy" Thanks for taking the pictures, they'll go up in the new house!! And, I'll have to email you some of the pictures Kelsey took. Miss you all!