Friday, March 11, 2011

Garmisch Murals

Perhaps one of the most amusing things to do with the kids during our recent ski trip to Garmsich in Germany, was to study the wall murals and then come up with what the people in the painting might have said. And, we had a little fun with that. The characters usually said things that were out of context, or setting. For instance, here are a few things the kids made up about this mural....

"Oh Fraa-nk! Did you take my ipod with you?"
"Haaaa-rold! You broke wind again didn't you? I can smell it all the way back here!"
or, the animals said
"Geez dude! Don't leave us out here in the wilderness with that lady! She's crazy!"

Really, the mural depicts one of many stories about the Edelweiss, a flower which grows high "above the clouds" in the mountains, and continues to be a source of German fame and folk lore today.

I loved this one in particular, as it seemed to capture the feeling of what laid out before us...

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