Friday, March 25, 2011

Just when

I think that in ring 4 of our 3 ring circus we might actually see forward movement;
We might finally rid of pacifier.
We might see a glimpse of a human being who will some day, wipe his own butt.
We might in the far away future, raise a respectful, productive person.

Just when I think, perhaps, we might eventually be able to put him with the others, in violin lessons,
(and I get a little bit happy because oh-la-la, we've made a bit of progress)

I find this.....

3 cheers for hope.
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The Mommy said...

Ha ha! Very funny with the violin "stick" stuck in the player! And what beautiful art, Stella! Well done! As usual, you all seem to be having a fantastic time and we look forward to (hopefully) seeing you all soon!

Hope you are recovering well, Mandy! Hugs, Kim et famille