Friday, March 11, 2011

Starting out Skiing

First- the fittings. Three kids and two adults, fit for ski gear. The kids excitement was just bubbly, (and catching). We took care of fittings the night before we started with lessons, which saved time, yet exacerbated their anticipation over learning to ski. They were tucked into bed fidgeting but thrilled to finally be nestled among the Bavarian Alps.

The next day Addie, Stella, and Emory began ski classes. Mixed with lots of potty and snack breaks, they learned gradually how to maneuver on skis, ride the rope tow, and then ride back down little hills.

Less then 48 hours later, they were riding the lift and sailing down hills as if they were born with skis on their feet. (Meanwhile, their mother was still stumbling around in the snow, trying to remember how to stand, despite the encouragement of several instructors.)

Their learning curve wasn't without a few falls, but they took to skiing much faster than we anticipated. 

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