Monday, March 28, 2011

Thought the Camera was a Carrot

He tried and tried to take a nibble out of my camera when I wasn't looking, and this made the kids giggle endlessly.

Meet the neighborhood donkeys. Their owner previously mentioned that we were welcome to drop by and pet them anytime, and of course, share a snack of carrots.

We ride by our furry freinds daily on the way to school and back. Lately they've been hee-hawing at us, so on Friday we took their clue and dropped in, to drop off their snack.

Imagine what those donkeys thought when they saw this crew approaching their fence....

I had warned the kids not to let their fingers get too close to the donkey's mouth because we really didn't have time to explain away a random story about a missing finger and a donkey, on a Friday night, in the ER.
Addie so keenly seemed to think the sweater she was wearing would serve as protective gear for her fingers? But alas, they had their snack and we enjoyed the brief visit.
No fingers missing, so we'll probably go back soon.

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