Saturday, April 2, 2011

Party the 7th

Stella’s 7th birthday party
At her request, we asked Miss Pascale, her painting teacher, to come back for a little more art instruction. She gave Stella a choice of craft, and Stella chose ‘sculpting’, specifically requesting that the kids sculpt bunnies for Easter. 
Stella was as happy as a 7 year old could be.

And the kids were really, really, into it. 

 Miss Pascale was wonderful with the kids, but we already knew that.

Of course, tradition in the home states we must complete the paddy whack before birthday gifts can be opened and cake can be eaten. Stella’s guests, who all spoke French and were initially puzzled at the thought, but delighted in the idea of spanking Stella as she crossed through the paddy whack. We had so much fun we did it twice J

We owe a special note of thanks to Mr James and Miss Alina, who came to help celebrate. They ended up helping in a more practical way than we could have dreamed, dishing out spaghetti, playing with kids, translating, and more. Thanks so much you guys!

Happy Birthday Bee-Boo.
7 times around the sun as you say!
We hope for 700 more.

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