Thursday, April 21, 2011


Pompeii, something we didn't want to miss. The kids have read about this region and it's destruction after earthquake and volcano in a few books, so we were anxious to visit and see it first hand.
The kids however, were a little concerned. Emory especially, was quite certain that Mt Vesuvius was "about to blow any minute" and we might never leave, stuck like those poor folks long ago- covered in ash and preserved for people to browse at thousands of years later....
As in so many adventures, the kids were happy to explore, and seemed somewhat clueless that they were venturing over a city that was older than dirt.

It was all fun and games until we hit the arena for fun and games. Inside the amphitheatre, we explained that this was the area for the locals to conduct their own games and gladiator fights, much the same as the Colosseum in Rome. The boys pretended to be gladiators, and they pretended to fight for a photo.
...Which was all fun and games,  until Emory took this blessed opportunity to knock his brother out.

The girls, at that moment, wanted to disown them. For we had gathered the attention of every passerby and onlooking tourist.

Lucky for us, Mt Vesuvius didn't blow as it did in 79AD, and we escaped this adventure in one piece.

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