Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trip Home

"Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life." ~Albert Einstein

It seems like just last week I was sitting with Grandma Hill and chatting about paintings, the kids, her past, quilting, among other things. In fact, those visits were in February. Grandma Hill died peacefully recently and we headed home for her funeral. She was a wonderful lady who lives on in us still. She lives on in Addie's sewing and Stella's painting. Emory fondly remembers riding on her walker around the nursing home, and the candy she'd give him. Arleigh may not remember much, but we're happy to have this photo taken with her just weeks before her death. For me, a hard cookie will always be a "dunker" now and potato soup will be that of grandma's. Matt can talk at length (and I know that's hard to believe he can talk at length about anything, but true) about his summers at grandma's house, the tractor, pond, and memorable antiques. She was ever so talented. Kind. Fun. And luckily she lives on in us, as well as the rest of the family and those who knew her.

The trip home, though a total whirlwind, was also a nice chance to quickly catch up with family and friends. We spent Easter back home, an enjoyable bonus to spending long hours traveling and fighting jet lag.
And speaking of jets- bereavement airfare is nothing to write home about, so we opted to save the $6,000
and fly military space A. Long, cumbersome, and not comfortable, but worth it.

Aunt Julie happened to make a trip home as well, so we were able to spend a little quality time.
(I'm singing this Jul ; )
 From decorating eggs to a mad dash room makeover,
 we know how to pack a lot of laughs into a short visit. Addie kept saying "what's so funny? I don't find this funny?"
But Jul and I could find fun in the simplest things- that's sisterhood for you.
Betsy, we miss you like crazy, and look forward to laughing out loud with you too!
A quick trip to grandma Marshall's house too- really just for the sake of having a photo with the kids.
Enough time was clocked there in February.

With the holiday upon us, we set up a little egg hunt with the cousins.
Rainy, wet, dreary weather drew the hunt indoors, but the kids didn't seem to mind a bit. 

And Arleigh snuck a little help in from grandma. Shhhh ! Don't tell.

Addie was itching to get back home to visit cousins and grandparents, so she was happy to visit, despite unfortunate and sad circumstances.

Heck we were all glad to visit, though like Arleigh, we're all completely exhausted now too.

I'd forgotten to take a few pictures when I was back home in February. Although Arleigh and I visited a lot of people, I didn't always think to snap a photo. I tended to get caught up in the visit itself. So this was a great chance to get quick photos that we had missed out on, and add the other kids in there too.
 We miss everyone so much! The return 2013 countdown is on!


The Henry Family said...

miss you all - but it was so good to see you!! Next time I promise them to see the kids!!

mandy said...

Jeannie, we miss you all too! definitely all the kids together next time- plus one eh?!? Can't wait! In the meantime, give them all hugs from us

The Mommy said...

We send our heartfelt condolences to you all regarding Gramma. On another note, your Easter and trip to Rome looked like lots of fun and camping is so fantastic! We just found our sleeping bags in the closet as we prepare for our Australian camping trip in June. Can't wait to see all the stars.

Best wishes to you all! Thinking of you and enjoying your blog, even the sad moments which are naturally part of of life too, the Scarabello xo