Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vatican City, Sistine Chapel Ceiling and St. Peter's Basilica

Our trip to Rome wouldn't seem complete without standing in lines and taking a tour of the Vatican City.
No Sistine Chapel photos here- photography was forbidden there. To be honest, Matt and I were slightly disappointed by the Sistine Chapel. Sound like travel snobs eh? It was dark. Michelangelo's paintings were a bit difficult to see. The fees to take a Vatican City tour were ridiculous. We were tired I suppose.
This is not to say we can't appreciate what Michelangelo accomplished- not at all. It's a marvel. Though modern man, in trying to protect his work, seemed create a diminishing effect. 
Yet what the Sistine Chapel didn't bring to us, the Basilica di San Pietro delivered in full form. Stunning, the largest church in the world, was an imposing, breathtaking, massive Renaissance achievement that will remain in our memory as a favorite stop on our trip to Rome. 

The Vatican museums were almost as impressive, boasting artwork gifts from all over the world, including our favorite Belgian tapestries. The mosaics were amazing. The paintings were spectacular.

Even the staircase at the Vatican museum store was fun to photograph...

We left satisifed to have seen Vatican City and many of its teasures. Happy to head back to the tent for some much needed rest.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Enjoyed this very much!
Kit Radford

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