Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Holy Communion

Addie, with the rest of her Sunday school class, made her First Holy Communion today. She wore the dress that I wore on my First Holy Communion, which was a lovely treat.
 (Thanks again mom for saving that dress and veil so kindly for the last 30 years. Who knew?)
 Sadly, our family wasn't here to join us for the special day and we miss them all.
 Still, we celebrated after the ceremony with a table full of goodies and cake. Emory and Arleigh celebrated by eating several slices of that cake. Friends and neighbors came to help celebrate too, making the day very special for Addie. Miss Venera arrived at 7:30am to do Addie's hair for the occasion as well. We're really lucky to be surrounded by such spectacular folks here in Belgium.
Congratulations Addie!


Julia said...

Way to go, Addie. I wish I was able to be there to see your big moment. Thinking of you, kiddo & Congratulations!!

The Mommy said...

Congratulations, Addie! Love, FreeDem in Singapore