Sunday, May 8, 2011


So, Arleigh has a little jet lag. No Problem.
Bedtime routine goes something like this
1) jammies, brush teeth, bedtime stories
2) snuggle in bed, goodnight kisses
3) lights out

Arleigh seems to think there is a 4) 5) and 6) to the routine now.
We've taken to ignoring him.
He gets back up. We put him back in bed -minus parts 1) and 2).
Last night I was looking for something in the office. Matt was outside mowing the yard.
I heard a strange, loud, mysterious, "bruwm- bruwmch- bruwm- bruwmch" noise in the kitchen.
(The landlord just replaced the broken dishwasher and I thought we were breaking it again.)

Instead, I found this scene...

The person who must have needed this chair was nowhere to be found.

Let's have a closer look shall we?

Yep. Mr. Two -Year- Old climbed out of bed to make himself
a 'tawburee' milkshake, pushed buttons on the blender and
viola- the kitchen was covered in pink.
Milk and 'tawburees' were shakin' all over the place, from floor to ceiling.
When I called out "Who did this?"
He snuck around the corner and with a mile wide grin, answered. "Me did!"
This time routine went
1) change jammies,
2) lights out
3) celebrate sleeping child with strawberry milkshake



Julia said...

Pete, Mom, Dad, myself and a few of my co-workers are still laughin about this one. We just can't get over the powers of a two year old!

mandy said...

glad someone got a laugh out of it :0 it wasn't so funny staring at the newly plastered kitchen in pink!