Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Wishes

In the car, on the way to violin lessons...
“Whaddaya want for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed tomorrow mom?”
They have been so psyched for Mother’s Day, making crafty little gifts at school and reminding me ‘it‘s a secret‘. Anticipation of the Mother's Day gift grand opening ceremony, (when I give the performance of a lifetime), was almost more than they could handle. If they hadn’t been strapped into their car seats for this conversation they’d have fallen over.

I looked back into the rear view mirror. Calmly, I answered.
“Do you want to know what I really want?”
Hesitantly, their response...“Okay”

“I want your father to pick up his pajamas and underwear from our bathroom floor.
I want to go to the bathroom when the toilet has already been flushed.
I want to not have to tell each of you to brush your hair 6 times a morning.
I want to not have to wipe up sticky places after you eat.
I want to not have to clean toothpaste off the sink, and counter, and floor.
I want to see backpacks hung in their place, and shoes away in the cubby.
I want the laundry pile to be a reasonable size, before I mention that it’s unreasonable.
I want a Roomba.”

(They were giggling and chuckling, as if they purposefully taunt me daily.)

OK. Fine.
I’d like a veggie omelet with toast and jam.“

Fast forward less than 24 hours.

I stepped over pajamas and underwear.
I flushed the toilet and then went to the bathroom.
I said “please brush your hair” approximately 18 times total today.
I wiped up the table, the counter, the kids table and the chairs.
I cleaned toothpaste from all tile surfaces of the bathroom.
I nagged about homework completion, backpacks prepped, shoes put away.
I folded 5 baskets of laundry.
I made myself a veggie omelet and toast but didn't bother to eat it in bed. I'd already made the bed.
In the end, I didn't get anything I asked for. Instead, I settled for this.
Look closely, Emory says the gift he made me, which looks like a mosaic tile to most of us, is a “diamond”.

Did you hear that? I got a diamond for Mother’s Day! Best darn diamond a mom could want. And to boot, a charming photo of Addie stuck in play dough in a flowerpot, and a blazing yellow, garden fence, Popsicle clip. That’s all way better than a reasonable laundry pile. Love those kids I tell ya.
Love 'em more cause my legs are skinny on the card...
Honestly though,
I’m still holding out for a Roomba….

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are lucky enough to be a mom! 


Fat Pilot said...

Nice gifts! Happy Mother's Day Mandy. Super Mom :-)

The Mommy said...

Happy Mother's Day too! Kim xo

Julia said...

A big Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you, Mandy.
Remember last year as Matt was snapping pictures of you with the kids, you were socked in the face from Emory's hand as he was flipped upside down. Since you escaped this one without a black eye, that sounds like improvement to me!