Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the track for Retrak- Fun Run

Some great friends asked us if the kids wanted to join in a charity fun run. The response was an overwhelming "yeeee-ahhhh!" from the sticky seats, so we signed up. Addie and Stella- 1 kilometer, Emory 0.5 kilometers, and for Arleigh- whatever distance he wanted (but 500 metres was the plan).
Everyone arrived excited and ready, except Arleigh who was still ill. Emory inevitably fell ill while we were waiting for the race to begin, and is now in bed with a temp. So Addie and Stella were the only ones who actually ran in the race for Retrak, an organization to help African street children. To learn more about Retrak, you can click here. Or to read some of the stories from African street children, helped by Retrak, click here.

Prior to the race, African drummers were playing, and the kids were welcome to join in. So they did.

The race began and our friends children took a first place, in one age group, and two second places in two other categories. Our kids ran their butts off, and came in dead last. Luckily, this race was not about a competition, it was about helping other kids, learning sportsmanship, and having fun. All of those goals were well accomplished. Luckily our friends' children are great sportsmen as well, and when they finished they turned around to cheer Addie and Stella all the way into the finish.

Way to go Addie and Stella! This was one run where everybody won something.

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