Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packing it Up

So, we're busy packing for a camping trip to the Netherlands.
Each of the kids gets a list which they complete...this helps to insure that they get to pick what they want to wear, and what they need will be in the bag. A time saver too- I don't have to pack 4 extra bags, just check them.
This packing system seems to work like a well oiled machine- and due to the amount of travel we do, this machine gets oiled.
So Emory, Stella and Addie have a list to prep in a night or two.
Usually Arleigh and I work together to organize his bag, but this time, he decided, at a full 2 1/2 years of age, he was going to take charge of his own bag and pack a list as well.
What do you need Arleigh? What should we put in your camping bag? You are spending several nights in the wilderness at a reserve, you will not have a store for food, or modern utilities at your expense. You are among the wild. You are there to live simply. To survive without extras. So what shall we put in your bag Arleigh?

This is what he just couldn't live without. And he packed them all by himself.....

perhaps firewood? ;)
Great thinking kid.

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