Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poor Bucka

Poor Bucka. In the midst of successful potty training, he has been swept with a flu virus that has, well...

wiped him out. Last night he learned that the potty can be used for vomiting.
(Previously his spectrum of potty use was for "flushing toy cars", washing hands, checking if "things sink", and the typical primary uses of 'dropping stinkies' or making water yellow.)
Poor thing. Let's hope the vomiting ends soon.
Let's hope he recovers quickly- and puts those "underwears" back on.
Let's hope this isn't the same scene 20 years from now in front of a college dorm,
with beer bottles scattered around him.

Out of complete guilt because the others have video postings now and someone wants to know where his video is. Because there is, in fact, a lack of video of Arleigh playing his tiny violin
(which is totally adorable, but harmful to the ears), here's a video clip of the little guy chatting about boo boos and band-aids.

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