Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Springtime Sewing

Ok. Ok. I'm a little behind on the blog. I know.
Usually the number of posts rockets up in the spring. There's more light and more time, because sun doesn't set until very late in Belgian summer. Usually the opportunities increase tenfold in the spring to get out with the camera and shoot stuff. That means more posts- however meaningless.
But lately, I've been trying to teach myself to sew. Never really enjoyed sewing anything at all. A practical skill of course, but this seamstress lacks patience and time, honey.
Addie, our oldest kiddo, has been interested in sewing since she was about 4 years old. She has continued gradually to build her skills and has reached the point at which I either needed to advance my own skills or find someone to help tutor her behind the sewing machine. She was given some of her late great grandma's sewing materials which offered a renewed interest in sitting down at the machine. Since my French language skills are still behind the curve, the lesser of two evils, and cheaper option, was to try to learn to sew. Violia! The first, wearable results of this production....

In all there are 4 new A line skirts hanging in the closet.
Sadly, they are all made from IKEA fabric, as at 4 euro per meter, it's the cheapest fabric we can find.
Other fabric places nearby start at about 9 euro per meter! (Yikes!)
So, wearing the IKEA fabrics makes me wonder if someone will recognize the skirts from
their bedspread, pillowcase, drapes, or lounge chair.
So sad. So true.

As for Addie, you can check out her new duds here.
It's been lovely, threading and re threading, ripping out stitches, and redoing along the way.
Much to be learned yet.
Perhaps next spring though-
For now, I'm ready to pick up the camera again!

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