Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stella got a ticket

Stella decided to take some very bold moves on her bike Friday- bolting out into traffic, riding in the oncoming lane, and staying in the middle of the road. Despite our warnings for her to adjust her attention levels and bike safely,  she continued to make serious and unsafe decisions. So we gave her a ticket.
The payment for first offence was to view multiple bike safety videos. Some by the NTSB, others by pediatric programs etc.
(Siblings could watch as well of course).
Next offence, if this occurs, will be loss of her bike and "biking school" where she'll have to attend nightly class with dad and pass a drivers test before she can be 'road ready' again.

Losing a license, a bike, (or your kid) can be a bummer, so we're hopeful she considers being a safer biker.

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