Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 am

Daddy says to tell them,

" I got into a fight with a tiger...
Yeah- you think this is bad?
You should see the tiger!

The truth be told, it was more of a fight with a nightstand in our bedroom at 3am.
Arleigh wanted some snuggle time and tried to climb into our bed, but instead, fell in the darkness.
By the time we turned on the light and realized that he was bleeding, a lot,
he'd calmed down and we panicked. (Of course.)

But not so much panic that mommy didn't take a photo for "before and after pics".
We knew this meant a 3am visit to the hospital, among other things.

 By 6am, all was well. A little tired, and worse for wear,
but blood contained and holes patched up.

That scar will look good on your kid. The girls are gonna love it!

1 comment:

Fat Pilot said...

Jack has an IDENTICAL one. Same eye. Almost the same way. His healed up nice. I know you know...keep it covered with sunscreen when the stitches come out. Hope little guy feels well soon. Looks like he took it like a champ. Boys are fun :-)