Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Cardinal Sin

I have sinned. Among all the sins a mom can commit, not taking first day of school photos has to be one of the worst. At least in the top 10.
Can you just imagine the talk in the playground "yeah- did you hear? She didn't even take 5 stinking minutes to photograph her kids on the first day of school? Who the heck forgets to do that? What a haneous crime!"

In September, hustling 3 off to the local francophone school and hauling 1 in tow, I forgot. Matt was out of town with work. I was busy. And, no excuses, I forgot.
Then, I told myself I'd "do it tomorrow", but tomorrows came and went.
Before I knew it a month had gone by. I thought then, a "first month of school photo" can't be that bad right?Would I still be stuck in motherhood purgatory for not taking their school photos? 
I am evil.
So, as redeeming as it can get, I whipped out the camera on the last day of school.

We're proud to report the great achievement of their straight As...which means, of course, there will be progression to the next year. Which means, of course, there will be yet another chance to capture those first day of school photos.
I'm off to make a sticky note right now.

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The Mommy said...

On July 1st, I forgot to take photos of us eating red strawberries while celebrating Canada Day. Sometimes we are just too busy living and forget to capture it all on film. I thought of you! It is not too late though, right? We will have a Canada Day Part Two this weekend!

All the best!