Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If You Give a Kid a Bucket

He'll want some water to go in it.
Filling it with water will remind him of the swimming pool you had in the yard last summer.
He'll ask you to blow that up.
You'll rummage through the garage, wiping sweat from your brow, and pull out the pool.
You tell him he'll need to help pump it up.
Pumping up the pool will discover a hole in it.
You'll need to find the patch kit.
You call your husband, to ask where the patch kit is, but he has no idea where he put anything at all.
You for a moment, you regret marrying someone so disorganized.
You decide to put away the pool and find something else to beat the heat.
Rummaging in the garage again will make you hungry. So you get a snack.
When you get a snack, there will be a spill on the floor.
You'll get a rag to wipe it up.
The rag will make you remember that you have 8 baskets of laundry to do.
Going to the baskets you'll run into a rubbermaid container, with tons of crap in it.
You'll dump it out.
Filling it with water to make a pool, you'll forget about the 8 baskets of laundry, but remember you also have to figure out what's for dinner.
After you fill the rubbermaid container to make a pool, you'll cry because you haven't accomplished a single thing today.
But you give the kid a bucket to go with the water and rubbermaid container...

and he'll be really really happy to play with it.

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