Monday, June 13, 2011

More Paintings

I love it when they have a day off of school and we have nothing planned. I'm itching for summer. I feel so much more efficient when we can plan things at home and get them done, rather than racing to meet schedules and do homework. Today, a Belgian holiday, Pentecost, or 'Whit Monday', leaves schools closed and most everything shut down. Talk about a blessing. I needed time with this crew. Time to reimpose rules. Time to feel like we can get things done together. Time to just chill.
Meanwhile, we had time to  do what we all wanted too. Time on our own for a bit.
Stella chose to work on 2 paintings that she'd planned quite some time ago. They are thank you gifts for her great Aunt. She named them "The Wise Lady" and "Night Time in the Wise Lady's Garden". I just loved that.

A second attempt at mixed media, I think we've found an area that truly challenges her and allows a ton of creativity to flow. She really tends to like mixed media art work 

We've offered for Stella to open up her own blog site for whatever she'd like. We also offered to supply her if she chose to sell her paintings, which she has hinted at possibly doing (someday). So, stay tuned....

In the meantime, the rest of us are kickn' back and looking forward to the next opportunity for a stay-cation.

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Fat Pilot said...

That is some impressive art. Really! Wow Stella. Parker really like it as well. Keep it up.