Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet Rewards

Emory came bumbling into the kitchen yesterday afternoon. In one full breath, "Mom! Mom! The red berries are ready! We can pick them! Can you make a pie? Will you please make a pie? Can I have a bowl to go pick them? Will you make a pie? You can! They are ready! Come see! I'll show you!"
Normally, this is where I'd follow him out into the yard with my camera, acting just as excited and surprised to see the currants (which I noticed the day before as 'ready to pick'), but alas, my beloved camera is somewhere between here and Nikon for service. The lens filter has been stuck on the front of my favorite lens for months. The camera body needed a little TLC and cleaning anyway. So I'm patiently waiting for both the primary lens I use, and the camera to come back to the hands that love it so darn much.

I have a back up though- my old camera. A not so shabby D70,  which, as it turns out, I'd forgotten exactly how to use.
A little rusty you could say....

but we worked, and worked. He picked red currants and I begged my brain to recall settings and how to make adjustments. (Ok I admit, I picked a few currants, and ate a few too).
Progress was not instant, and for awhile I wondered why I'd held onto the darn D70.  Heck I don't use it anymore and I don't even remember how!?

But then, a glimmer of hope. A little recollection. A little memory recall. It became clearer.

And so, we were lucky to fill a bowl full of currants. Lucky to have a back up, so as not to have to miss out on the momentous summer occasion when  we begin to pick fresh fruit and veggies from the yard.
Lucky to have a little recall. So, so lucky.

And now, please excuse me. I have some pie dough to prepare...

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