Monday, July 11, 2011

Combing the Beach

It was a few months ago when I was in a troc, (consignment shop) with a Belgian friend that
she pointed out this painting, mentioning that it was
' Very Belgian, the picture of a man fishing in the surf for shrimp with his horse and wagon...'.
I noted it, but left it hanging.
Later, after some thought, and the kindness of other friends, the painting made its way to our home.
Happy to have this "very Belgian painting" I'd thought no more of it.
Until,our vacation in Quiberon, France
where we stumbled upon this fellow who combed the beach each day with his horses.

He noticed me taking photos and stopped to chat. In broken French I talked with him, his 11 year old daughter and his wife about his work. Hired by the city, he does this work every morning to keep the beaches looking clean and clear. They kindly gave me their email address and physical address so I can send on a photo or two for them. Surely the city knows how much more of an attraction it is to have the horses comb their beach in a old fashioned way, versus the tractors and trucks that travelers might normally see.

Even though he wasn't shrimping in the Belgian surf, the painting will forever hang with a new meaning to us and a reminder of our Quiberon trip.

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