Monday, July 11, 2011

Quiberon, France

A tiny peninsula on the Atlantic coast of France, Quiberon is nothing short of dreamy and quaint. Land's End and LL Bean consultants surely come here to get their ideas for fashion and accessory...and if you aren't wearing the traditional navy and white striped boat neck 3/4 sleeve t shirt, you're out of style around Quiberon.
Our Belgian neighbors have a summer home there, and they have offered the keys to us since we moved in next door. Hearing about Quiberon definitely raised our curiosity. We declined the key and opted to camp at the beach instead, (so that we might remain good friends with our kind neighbors, rather than having to deal with a wake of disaster our crew might have left on their summer home).

People said to us "Oh you'll love Brittany! It's such a great area to vacation for the kids!" I was skeptical at best. But here were are, unpacking from the trip, dumping sand from sleeping bags, drying towels, pulling seashells from pockets. I just wish we'd have had a few more days of better weather. The kids want to go back and we just might need to make that trip again. Maybe next time we'll even grab the neighbor's keys and stay awhile.

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