Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Round 2

Getting this bugger to his 21st birthday is gonna be some kinda challenge...
Less than 2 weeks after the stitches were removed from the last fiasco, (a gash at 3am above the right eye)
Arleigh was headed right back to the ER again.
This time, he fell down a heating duct in our house.
This curious cat picked up the metal grate which covers the vent,
and fell head first down the hole.
It was not pretty, and this time, mommy didn't stop to take a photo, as he had clear signs of a concussion.
In fact, he was diagnosed with a concussion at the hospital. He had stitches added to the top of his forhead and steri strips placed on a smaller cut too. They also gave him a sedative to calm him, and aid in amnesia, so he wouldn't "remember the trauma."
The doc said inducing a bit of amnesia would help "so that next time he had to come to the ER for stitches, it won't be so scary".
Does anyone else see the irony in that?
Let's hope that he at least remembers not to do that again.
We're frequenting the ER waaaay too much!


lizzymomof3 said...

Poor little guy...hugs and kisses sent from all of us! When my kids saw this, they felt so bad for him! He'll be made of some pretty stuff tough by the time he hits high school, huh?! Countdown is on here...packing has started, lists are all made...one excited girl!!

Fat Pilot said...

But he still manages to look like he is ready to move on to the next adventure!!! Hope he's feeling better!

Can you believe that Jack went back to the ER for his second set too shortly after his first!!! What is up with these guys???

Hang in there Mom. BTW, Marv wants to go to pharmacy school now...hummmm....

Mandy said...

Shellie, you are hilarious- Pharm school eh? What's he up to? Mixing his own potions?
Poor Jack! What is up with these guys? I'd hate to see them in action together. Could be truly scary. Thanks for checking in