Monday, July 11, 2011

Simply Stella

So Stella finished first grade, and around here, that means you can have an email account. She also asked to start a blog, much the way her sister, Addie, did at the end of first grade as well. Although Stella has a different idea for her blog; she wants to earn money. This little entrepreneur has a plan to make paintings to display on her blog, "Simply Stella", in hopes of finding buyers who she can sell them to. We agreed to set her up with supplies, but if she does earn any money, she'll be responsible for further costs of canvas, brushes, and paints. Currently she has no paintings in her arsenal to sell, so she's got a little work to do!
You can read the history of this evolutionary process here here and here .
This is her latest work. She gave it away as a birthday gift to her violin teacher's daughter.

Stay tuned. Once she's up and running we'll post the blog site here.

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