Monday, July 11, 2011

St Malo, Etretat, Honfleur, & Deauville, France

Ok, so how awesome is that? Need a chocolate? We deliver! (and note that front rack- they can deliver a whole lotta chocolates!)

The style of arcitechture in northern France, all over Normandy was just beautiful.
 Lunch in Honfleur- galettes for everyone and bowls of farm cider for mom and dad.... Bon Apetitie!
If it wasn't crepes or galettes, then it was moules and frittes- so yummy!

 In Honfleur, we stumbled upon a weekend market meandering around an old church. I could have spent all day preusing the market.
 This was one of my favorite finds- (I didn't buy it, as it would have been a little much on top of the car with all the camping gear eh? This chair just oozed with character though. The patina, it's worn look- even the stuffing coming out of the cushion screamed "take me home and love me!" It would fit right in around home...even look like the 4 kids have gotten to it already.

 Etretat, where we kicked off our shoes and played on the rocky beach for a few hours. We'd hoped the tide would go out far enough for us to walk under the natural arches, but we didn't make it. Perhaps next time?

The above photo is the view from the church in the photo below...

 This scooter in St. Malo was just too cute not to photograph. Loved the color too!
A castle in St Malo, which rises up from the sand as if it's the town sand castle on display. In fact it is now a museum, which we skipped so that we could play outside in the rocks instead.

 Funny to me how kids can just be comfortable anywhere. Seriously. Anywhere. Here, Arleigh had an ice cream cone and just plunked himself right down in the middle of a street to eat it. Then, Emory plunked down beside him to help with any drips from that cone!?!? We're so lucky that it was largely a pedestrian area and cars were fairly sparse.
 At least the girls got to the curb before they tuckered out for a break.
Everything in St Malo is built from stone because the town once burned almost completely in a fire. After the fire a law was made that everything within the city walls would be built from stone. Sounds cold right? Actually it was quite lovely- Addie's favorite city so far.
We exited St Malo with walk upon the ramparts of the town, offering beautiful views over the tidal bay.
The tides had such an influence on everything costal. Watching boats get "beached" by the outgoing tide took a little getting used to, but we watched it occur daily over the course of the trip through France.


Carole said...

Lovely post. I loved Honfleur too.

Maureen said...

Beautiful photos.Hope to visit one day.
- Maureen at (Princeton, New Jersey)