Monday, July 11, 2011

We camped at a Castle ~Le Brevedent

For our latest adventure, we set out into France. Specifically Normandy and Brittany regions to tour and simply relax. ...Well, as relaxing as it can get with 4 rowdy kids in tow.
We 'base camped' at a castle called Le Brevedent, nestled among winding back roads in Normandy near Liseaux.  Really, the castle seemed more of a large French chateau, yet the grounds were pleasant and accommodating.

Madame Gurry is said to come downstairs in the castle to visit the campers on Sunday nights, during which time she tells a curious and slightly tall tale of how the castle and eventual campground came to be. Stella and I waited with other campers to hear her tell us a story, but she cancelled her appearance that night and we never got to hear what she had to say. I'd loved to have seen her- can you imagine having campers live in your back yard all summer long?

An entire range of camping at castles exists here and with this experience being so pleasant, we may just try to venture to another castle camping ground on our next trip.

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