Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 things this month

Couisn Kelsey (and grandma and grandpa Hill) have been here for a month. They fly home tomorrow.
We hope Kelsey has enjoyed her whirlwind tour of Europe. Certainly she deserves great credit. She has stepped out on her own to try new things, eat new foods, and go new places.We're really proud of her for that and we hope that she'll continue to do and try new things, even back home.

Before her arrival, her mom mentioned that she's a neat freak, which I welcomed. (This would be such a nice change!) She has had to put up with her two cousins, Addie and Stella, who are usually, despite best efforts, are complete slobs. I can only hope that she rubbed off a little on them. She was a trooper.
We compiled a little commemorative list for her, and here it is....

Kelsey's Top 10 in Europe 2011
10 - the number of tickets for admission to major sights, and the number of new foods tasted.
9- the number of ailments she thought she'd die from during her visit, and the number of other languages she experienced along the way
8 - yep, a total of 8 countries in only 3 weeks; also the number of time zones she traveled through
7- cathedrals visited and also 7 days at sea on a cruise ship
6- different means of travel and 6 different bus systems utilized
5- the number of days she has to recover from this trip and return to school; also 5 countires traveled to by ship
4- cousins playing tour guide, and 4 times packing a suitcase for travel
3- the number of flights it took to get here, and 3 is also the number of royal palaces visited
2- trips made to the Grande Place and Mannekin Pis; also the number of nights spent in a tent
1- ferry ride; 1 castle visit
0- the number of times she worse the rain poncho her mom sent along with her (but it rained a lot!)

She even put up with Bernie, who occasionally let her bad manners show....
Kelsey we know it's not likely that you'll be back to Belgium anytime soon, but we do hope you have a chance to see Europe again some day! Thanks for making the trip kiddo. Safe travels!

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lizzymomof3 said...

Neither Kelsey nor Dan or I will ever be able to thank you enough for the experiences of the last four weeks. I hope that you all have enjoyed the time as much as I know she has. Loved the blog updates, especially today's. She's gonna miss you guys...when do you want to send some of your crew to stay in exciting Erie?!? ;)