Monday, August 8, 2011

Kessel lo

Emory seemed to think he was out to conquer evil and do justice in his 5 minutes time slot on this electric police car.
You go little superhero!....and we looked on at Kessel lo.
Belgium has regional parks called 'domain parks' which are filled with activity, from swimming pools and playgrounds to grassy landscape to lounge through a lazy afternoon. The parks truly enhance the quality of life for everyone around. We spent our one and only warm and dry day of the summer here with cousin Kelsey.
How cool is this little hottie in his European swim suit....?

The kids knew what a rare moment it is to have a day warm enough to swim outside. They didn't want to leave. So glad we made the best of it though, as temps have dipped back to the 50s and the typical overcast sky has returned for now.

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