Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunch Menus- Packin' It

Last year, I started to write up and save lunch menus each month. This helped to prevent the repetition of PB&J that the kids hate, the monotonous snack menu of apples and bananas, and general boredom with school lunches.
We like to mix it up. I thought I'd post the new lunch lists here in case anyone else is looking for some school lunch ideas.
Most everything I pack for the kids is homemade, but certainly there are options out there for speed and convienence. We use almond butter, but others might prefer Jiffy. We use whole wheat bread, but someone else might make their own. So be it. To each his own. There are about 6 weeks of lunches and snacks offered here.
 I'm not a nutritionist, just offering some back to school lunch ideas that work for us....
This year, one of the family chores is to pack lunches. So once a week, each child will be packing all the lunches, and one day, mom or dad will do the chore. Hopefully the menus will make this quick and easy, offering a number of options.

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