Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden was a lovely visit, especially to the old city "Gamla Stan" where shopped and admired the scenery. The kids were content enough after only a few hours and wished for pool time back on the ship, but the rest of us enjoyed the city and all it offered in our day trip.

 Cool shades babe...(even cooler front teeth there!)

 His first ferry ride...

 We made away with woolen knits from Sweden as well. The sweaters, mittens, socks and scarves were all quite beautiful and seemed like they would be incredibly warm in the chilly months.

 Upon departure from the port in Stockholm, we said we'd really love to take a trip and stay put on the waters edge here for a week or so. We'll see....

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jamie said...

I love the picture of your four kids on the bench (after Stella's hilarious glasses). Sweeden looks lovely.