Sunday, September 4, 2011

Apple Harvest

The sun was so hot. Ugh. Leave it to Belgium to cast a hot sunny day at the start of a fall weekend, after a no show summer. The sticky people informed me, it "felt like Guam", and it did, but we had only reached the mid 80s.F As planned, we headed out for a nearby apple orchard to see what we could pick.

As it turns out, we faired very well. In less than 40 minutes this apple pickin crew gathered over 60 kilos of apples, most of which I now need to figure out how to use.

They had a great time along the way as well. Arleigh even tagged a swing at the orchard's edge. 

If we can use up the first harvest of apples, we'll make another trip in October for a winter stock. In the meantime, those brief moments in the orchard will remain a favorite memory and we'll look forward to heading back...

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