Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belgian Bicycle Flash Mob

There are a ton of things we'll miss about Belgium when we have to go. Last night the kids and I came up with some favorites, and among the list, was "bike paths".
Another one was flash mobs. Brussels region seems to be full of flash mobs and they pop up everywhere from the Atomium and European Union, to the airport and Antwerp Central Station. (If you haven't seen these preformances, you should at least check this one out. A classic one for Belgium to claim as an all time favorite.)
Anyway, no one can dispute, Belgians love their bikes. We came across this flash mob "bicycle" video and just wanted it to be noted here on the fam blog. Check it out. Some of you who have visited should recognize Gare Centrale. (The preformance take place right where you wait while we purchase your tickets to Brugge. )

Although the flash mobs appear to happen randomly, there is a lot of rehersal and prep behind the scenes. if you don't believe me, check out this video on the behind the scenes work for the bicycle video above.

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