Friday, September 23, 2011

Car Free Sunday 2011 in Brussels

For the record, we participated in car free Sunday again this year. (That's a day when only public transport is allowed to operate. No cars. Public transport is free, not only to raise awareness for environmental reasons, but also to allow people to explore new routes and methods of local transport. Folks get out on the roads with everything from their own two feet to roller blades and tandem bikes.)

We shortened our own bike trip though, because of our newest rider, Emory. He’s up and on two wheels on his own, but he can be noisy about it. If he'd just close his mouth and concentrate, he do just fine. Here’s a good example from the Car Free Sunday, …see how the person on the right is staring blankly at Emory? And you know this person is just thinking “Kid what is your problem? Just drive your bike.” Well, that was a bit of why we got off the road. He was like a stinking horn beeping over each inch of road.

 First we got a snack though. (They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease,..well this squeaker got a snack, as we were hopeful it'd at least turn the volume down.)

Then we got off the road.
Better luck next year, we hope.


Fat Pilot said...

Wish they did that here! I just did my walk up in DC and my friend and I got lost on the metro. Duh.

mandy said...

Oh Shellie! Incredible! I keep wondering how anyone could walk 60 miles in 3 days. Amazing! Congratulations and great work for a good cause! Awesome!