Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farm Visit

The annual farm visit to  our favorite Belgian, organic, pick your own farm (click here for the site) occurred this week, before the start of school.
We decided to go twice this year. Once early in the 'late season' and once, later, when the pumpkins and squash fill the fields. We took a few friends this year from school. Because of the weather, some veggies were ready earlier than others. The late season strawberries were plentiful and tasty enough to put up a few jars of jam, strawberry butter, strawberry syrup, and pack a bunch of fresh berries in the fridge for snacking. Just ask Arleigh
 We usually don't pick potatoes, but this year we threw a few in the sack for good measure. Those duds wound up in a hearty beef stew that made us wished we'd picked more.
 And this one was ready to pick- pick right up and squeeze. He's such a character.
 Emory was sure to grab the broccoli and then some. We have a few meals worth of fresh greens from his hard working efforts.
 This kid (Emory) hates tomoatoes, but I think picking the sweet, cute little cherry tomatoes was just too irresistable for Emory, and his good friend August.
 Addie will never leave this place without a bucket of carrots. The kids all seems to gleam at the table when the carrots they picked are served. "Are these the carrots we picked? Oh! They are SO much more delicious because I picked them myself!"
 Our friends pointed out a raspberry patch as well. Typically we head to the farm too late for raspberries. This year, we were treated to a few handfuls of goodies right off the branch.
So, stay tuned! We'll be back for pumpkin patch "zelfpluktuin" sooner than you can say October!

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Fat Pilot said...

Man, that is so cool!!! You are such a great mom.