Monday, September 26, 2011

It Pays

Sometimes, it pays to be spontaneous. Really spontaneous. This show is run with a lot of planning. From what we're eating for dinner on Wednesday night to what we'll be doing the first week of January...we plan. A lot. So when a great family, who we adore, called early Saturday morning and said "what do you think about camping tonight in the south of Belgium?" We set aside the day's plan for violin lessons, soccer practice, laundry, cleaning, and making a few meals ahead, to instead, pack up and get out into nature.
This paid off big time.

We had a great cook out, campfire, hiked, played in the stream, and spent time with some of our favorite people. For the last 12 hours the kids have been asking "When will we do that again?".
All I can think to answer is "Yeah, that was great. It pays to be spontaneous sometimes eh?"

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