Monday, October 17, 2011

For Keep Sake

Emory's birthday is approaching and I asked what he might like to receive for a gift.
Instead of rattling off a list, he drew one. It says so much about him right now....
From top left around to the bottom right here they are-

1) "Laetnen" (aka Lightening, as in Lightening McQueen) He's trying to say he'd like the Cars 2 movie
2)a dinosaur and/ or pirate ship
3) Batman costume (yes, ahem, that's what he drew there- it's Batman people).
4) Back to the far left again, a laptop. What 5 year old has a laptop? I think he wants to be like daddy. Not gonna happen this year buddy. Sorry.
5)BatMan costume...(again) Apparently this is high priority for the 6th birthday. Got it. Batman costume. (Notice his strikethrough "Bartman Costyorm")
6) that striped thing that resembles an Easter egg is a "bouncy ball".
7) Under the bouncy ball is the next request- a "woch" aka, watch. The fact that he can't quite tell time very well yet makes this request quite amusing. For if you wear a watch, you must be able to tell time right?
8) mommy? No DSLR for this year buddy. Sorry. Strike 3.
9) A "remot" aka remote control helicopter.

May all your birthday wishes come true buddy.
(Well, maybe the just the bouncy ball or batman costume.)

And he gave mom and dad each one of these cards....

Do you think he's buttering up? Cause that sorta thing doesn't work here. Nevertheless, I'll keep this card tucked safely away, because it's so sappy cute.
 Love that little guy (just not so much that he gets a laptop or DSLR for his birthday :)

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Fat Pilot said...

Very cute! Funny how we can read what they write. I had a hard time with some of the pics/writing until you told me. Sounds like a Batman Costume is in your future :-) I can't wait to hear about the party fun.