Monday, October 17, 2011

Roomba Review

When I begged and pleaded for a Roomba for Mother's Day and was turned down, a Roomba became the priority for a Father's Day gift. For a refresher and the back story, you can click here click here and here
Anyway after 4 months of gainful employment in our home, it's time for a fair product review.
We cast off a lot of dirt. 6 people, (4 of whom are short and sticky), 2 furry dog friends, and stuff clamoring all around makes for a lotta clean up in our little home. Roomba can't be every vac of course. It is good for a mid week run over the rugs, but doesn't do a heavy duty job. The brushes need to be cleaned often. Happliy it will park itself in the middle of the floor and annouce "clean roomba brushes". Nice. Now, instead of cleaning the carpets, I'm cleaning the vac. Let's say this thing would be better suited at grandma's where there is less traffic and work to be done, but it gives a good college try. No, I wouldn't buy another one.

That said, it makes for a great babysitter, as the kids have decided that their new favorite game is jumping the Roomba while it's on the move.
Since its movement is unpredictable, so is our next trip to the hospital.

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