Friday, October 28, 2011

She's here!

Aunt Betsy's here, and we couldn't be happier.
 She had only one request for her entire stay in Europe, and that was to go down to the Grande Place and have a hot Belgian waffle.

So we did just that.
 She's been on the ground here less than 24 hours, so jet lag is working on her. Arleigh has been helping to cure that trouble, by smooching her every chance he gets. He say s"Aunt Bets, I have someding for ya. Come here" She leans in close and whammo! He lays one on her. I think it's working the jet lag right off.
Little do most travelers know that repeated 100 times a day, this apparently diminishes any form of jet lag.
Bets and Arleigh were enjoying their waffles when a crowd of Italian folks came upon Arleigh and thought he was just so darn adroarable with Nutella dripping from his chin, that they couldn't return to Italy without a photo. A real Belgian souvenier, the American kid with chocolate smeared on his face.
I wish I'd have set up an account for everytime someone asked to take a photo of my kids. It'd have paid for their college funding by now.
 They just snapped away....
 Since Guam, I've wondered how many photo albums those kids really wound up in?  Who actually saved the Hill photos from their own vacation? It's, as their mom, slightly unsettling, but admittedly, amsuing.
 They just kept snapping photos while Aunt Betsy stood by, amused as well...
and more photos...some folks even rushed across the street for this- as if the kid is a rock star?!
 and they went on and on....
Man I should have set out a tip jar. What was I thinking? It would have at least paid for the waffle.

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