Sunday, October 2, 2011


So this is it. Arleigh turns 3 today.
He woke up this morning and when we wished him a 'happy birthday' he asked,
"Today is my bwfrday?"
"Why yes Arleigh! What do you think about that?"
"So it's no longer Addie's bwrfday?"
"No Arleigh, you are 3 today! How about that!?"
"Oh. So I can be 3 now. When can we put fire on da cake?"
A few very kind friends dropped by to bring little gifts to mark the big occasion and we did, eventually set fire to his 'rocket' cake. Meanwhile he's practicing how to make a "3" with his fingers and quite enjoying his special day. The next 18 years will, no doubt, be uphill with this kid, who is currenlty sporting a black eye, among other injuries.

Arleigh, we wish you 200 more birthdays, all very happy and healthy chap.


Fat Pilot said...

Wow! Three? I have never even met him...barely Emory. Hard to believe it has been that long. I hope Arleigh had a great bday. Looks like he did. So cute....hey, does this mean you're ready for #5??? hahahaha Miss ya girl!

mandy said...

No dear- we're good at an even staven 4. 2 girls, 2 boys. all healthy. sometimes happy. I can't imagine adding another act in our theatre of absurd...
but you now, you have room to grow eh? :)