Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat!

  For Halloween this year, the kids were in charge of picking their own costumes from the "dress up bin". We ended up getting together with some Belgian friends and their dress up bin as well, so costumes were shared all around this year. So quick and easy, I almost feel quilty.

 Addie chose to be a witch. She ALWAYS chooses to be a witch. She's fascinated with this role. Meanwhile I'm just glad we're not chasing her around on a broomstick!
 Arleigh chose to be a "bear with a red necklace". The necklace part is quite important folks. Not just any ol bear. Not Yogi Bear, or a Berenstein bear, or black bear, but the bear with a red necklace. Got it?
 Emory- Batman. From previous posts you might have guessed that when he found this costume in his friend's dress up basket, he thought he'd died and went to heaven (or fast forwarded to his birthday :)
This child will rid your town of all evildoers- so stand by.
 Stella-bo bella. Ironically, chose to be a little bit of a devil. Something not so costume about that, as she's quite the mischevious kid, costume or not.
 The best part of Halloween this year though is not the candy, not the costumes, but being able to spend it with Aunt Betsy. That's a real treat!

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