Friday, November 11, 2011

Adopt a Veteran

The other day, I was parking the car and shuttling kids to the house when a neighbor who was walking her puppy, crossed our driveway. I stopped her to ask about her new puppy. I'd seen them walking around the neighborhood, and the pup was adorable. She explained that she was just helping to raise him for about 1 year, until he was ready to go off to school. The puppy would grow, hopefully, into a seeing eye dog, or a dog for a handicapped person. She said she couldn't imagine giving this pup up after a year, as it was like looking after a baby- difficult, but incredibly rewarding. She knew she'd grow attached. She said her brother had been injured in the war and now has a dog, trained to help him complete everyday tasks, which is what led her to fostering a guide pup. While the kids asked for permission to cuddle and pet the puppy, I couldn't help but to think about her injured brother and a previous Space A military flight that I took, (click here), with injured soldiers .
Which leads to this Veteran's Day post... some ideas on how you can adopt a veteran.
Check it out!
You can adopt a furry veteran (click here)  or adopt a less furry veteran (hopefully) - click here.
They'd both thank you for it!

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