Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost famous

A promise is a promise.

I told these kids I'd make them famous. Well, I exaggerated a tad. I promised most certainly though, that if they checked out our family blog this week, they'd at least see their smiling faces. (And smile, do they ever! )
 I was so lucky to have a chance to head back to the US for a bit. So lucky to have a hubby who can handle 4 kiddos and is willing to let me take a break. So lucky to have been able to catch up with my own family as well as this family, who we love so much.

Sadie, you've grown so! It's incredible to remember you sitting on the floor as a baby. Now you're busy guzzling down every drop of mathematics that you can get! Whew! Who knew?! Really kiddo, we're so proud of you. Keep studying! (p.s. Addie says she'd love to chat all about Harry Potter and Nancy Drew with you.)

Ella (Bo- Bella), Man alive! Your grin hasn't changed a bit and your reading skills are simply amazing! I loved the stories you read. I hope you'll continue to make crepes and explore lots of new "fancy" foods! We'll plan that sleepover,... as soon as I plan a move back to the US OK? In the meantime, Keep grinning kid. Love that smile!
Caleb, you really can move eh? From monkey bars, and soccer balls, to climbing in the woods and racing around the yard, you're one out-doorsey little guy! Quite a master at games too eh? I'll take you on the game board any day, speedy. (Like I said, ah-hem, any day after I make that trip across the pond, again).

Speaking of 'across the pond', the offer stands. You're all welcome to visit and you know we're waiting! In the meantime, I'll be looking for you guys in the paper. Afterall, you're famous now, right?

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