Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feast of St Nicholaus

Yep, again this year we celebrated with the rest of Belgium on the feast of St. Nick, leaving boots in the fireplace overnight.
We were greeted in the morning, all too early, with goodies, clementines, candies, chocolates, and little toys.
A stranger might have mistaken this for Christmas morning.
We're gonna miss St. Nick when we return to the US.,...or maybe he'll ride his horse across the pond for a visit there too, who knows?

He rode his horse all the way to school today, as he does each year, to greet the kids on this special day.
They were all smiles. Zwart Pete wasn't in attendance this year, which was ok too. Consequently, I was all smiles.

Happy Feast of St. Nicholaus Belgium!
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