Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Christmas Card Photo - A Christmas Miracle

Oh ho ho! The jolly good Christmas card photo. The 3 little words, “Christmas card photo” each year, bring on fear like no other phrase for my dear husband. He’d tell you that he’d rather stick a fork in his eye than endure the cajoling, dressing, prepping, propping, and persuading. The children, likewise, run the other direction from the camera, as I chase, beg and plead; making promises of a "quick photo", and "easy stuff". Still, every year, beginning around the last days of November, the subject is raised and the clan begins to look upon this inevitable moment with a level of dread and anxiety reserved for death row inmates.

I usually start with good intentions and end up settling for something that doesn't really look at all like what I was hoping for, but it stops my husband from crying and the kids from screaming.
The blunders are always fun though, and tis the season, so I’ll share with you our overwhelming Christmas card joy.
This one, wasn’t such a hit with the kids, as you can imagine why.

And this one, well, little Arleigh just seems not quite sure about much of anything there in the middle eh?

And while I’m at it, I try to take photos for the kids thank you post cards as well. Stella, to no one’s surprise, hammed it up for her thank you notes.

We ended up with something a bit like this.

The cards are currently in process at the “Hillmark Store”. Funny huh? I’m hilarious, I know. Try not to wet yourself.

Yep, we make our own cards each year by hand. This year, a special thanks must go out to one referred to as “Sweetheart”, my dad, who patiently cut umpteen square windows in the front of the card in order to meet the design standard set by 9 year old, Addie. She was the creator of our card this year and little sis, Stella, spent quite a bit of time making it actually happen. From cutting and pasting to passive-aggressively critiquing, she was right there, on top of it all. Emory stuffed envelopes, because having him lick the “sticky strip” was the only way to keep him quiet and let us all have 15 minutes of peace.

Since the computer crashed and our address list has gone to a land unknown, drop us a line if you’d like a “Hillmark” Christmas card this year. In the meantime, know that this house is safe from the dreaded "Christmas card photo" for a good 10 more months. That’s a Christmas miracle all by itself.

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Pat and Tammie Everly said...

Always amazed at your creativity~ Hope this Christmas finds the Hill clan happy, healthy and blessed! ~ The Everly's :-)