Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rocketing into the 6th year

 Emory rocketed into his 6th year, or as the girls say, he's made his 6th circle around the sun now. Officially 6, he celebrated with 2 friends in a well planned and executed birthday affair this weekend.

First there was a cake- a cake which he drew up specific plans for (which I will scan onto the blog here ASAP.) In the meantime, here's The Batman Cake, which didn't really turn out like the plans he'd laid out, but it was chocolate, and he didn't seem to notice.

Batman holding a candle in your face must be totally cool when you're 6, so who cares if mom followed the plan right?

After successful completion of the paddy whack, he opened gifts with his 2 guest, best friend, school buddies looking on. Gifts are always a success right? At 6 years old you must become capable of opening gifts at lightening speed too. A skill only attained at this special age, because we've never seen wrapping paper fly so fast. Holy Wrapping Paper Batman!

Then, following the scheduled program, traipsed our own 4 kiddos and the 2 best friend school buddies down to the Grande Place for birthday celebrations on the carousel, Ferris wheel, sledding park, and the finale of a light show.

The carousel is the coolest, smoothest, fanciest, most amazing, awesome-ist, thing you ever saw spinning. Seriously, I dream each year about making myself look young enough to chuck some kid off so I can ride the pterodactyl myself. Really- where is there a carousel that shoots a rocket through the roof,  has a plane, a moving dinosaur, a jumping squid, and rocking violin, a flapping pterodactyl, a floating hot air balloon, a submarine, and Titanic that spews smoke? All so tastefully themed in an era that makes you feel like you're standing in the middle of A Christmas Story.  We cherish the Brussels Christmas Market and will be heading right back, rain or shine, later this week.

Emory, was in full 6 year old birthday glory as he waited his 9 turns to finally sit in the rocket seat and lift off. He launched with a grin as wide as a mile while he lifted through the roof, dreaming he'd set sail for the moon.

Despite the rainy cold drizzle at the end of the night, (and that we actually returned home with all 6 children again) it was a true standard set as far as 6 year old birthday's go.  (Ok, joking about the kids. But we did have to make several annoying pee stops). According to Matt, it was 50 euros of his life spent in a matter of hours he'll never get back. Yes, it was therefore, a raving success. Happy 6th Birthday to you Emory.

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