Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guess Who?

Guess who Arleigh and I visited today? Here’s a hint….

 Can you name them all?
Great time. Though it was chilly. Chilly enough for your tongue to freeze to a pole!

The giraffes had it for comedy today. This poor giraffe seemed to be on a weight loss program, as the food was just barely out of reach. It's tough being a small fry eh?

Arleigh’s highlight was meeting a zookeeper who was on her way to feed the Koala’s. He was completed fascinated that the koalas eat vegetables just like he does.
They fuzzy bumpkins had Belgian endives on their dinner plates tonight! Whodda thought? Belgian endives?

 OK- Had trouble with the hint? Here are the answers...

(Yep, sorry, the vending machine was a stumper).

Better luck next time. And we renewed our passes, so of course, we can look forward to lots of next times.

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